What Role Does Faith Play in Counseling?

Whether faith plays a large or small role in a person’s life, spirituality influences how we think, how we behave, and how we experience the world around us.  Research has shown that a high percentage (92%) of Americans want their faith to be a component of their counseling.  We believe that this domain, along with your physical, social and psychological/emotional domains, are all important in living a healthy life.  Your counselors are well-equipped to help you with this part of your life if you choose to have this as part of your integrated counseling plan. 

Couples & Family

Effective techniques for addressing marital and family problems designed to help these relationships thrive.

Supervision Services

Advanced clinical supervision services for the counseling professional seeking to obtain state licensure.

Life is a journey. And like a lot of journeys, some parts are harder than others. At Integra counseling we recognize the challenges that can come with living life and strive to assist in helping to develop individualized plans for getting "un-stuck". Our team of counselors are skilled in working with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety and panic, impulse-control problems, trauma and abuse recovery as well as a wide variety of relational difficulties, both for couples and families. 

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Program development and Professional consultation services for professionals and organizations. Public speaking, seminars and workshop development services.

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One-on-one therapy solutions individually crafted to meet the precise needs of the client.